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Arlene Bandes

Arlene Bandes teaches 2D children’s art and adult printmaking workshops at NAC. She studied at Brandeis University, Harvard University, Massachusetts College of Art, and with various other printmakers. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and collections in the New England area, and she is a member of multiple printers guilds, artist groups, and art associations. She recently retired from teaching elementary school art in Newton, and she and her husband also own Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps. Arlene’s work in monotype printmaking covers a wide range of subject matter, from her family history to her roots in Judaism to the natural world. Her focus is on exploring the effects of layering, including collage and the use of different inks and textures. All of her pieces are run through the printing press many times as each layer is created. With these layers, Arlene conceptually builds on values, history, and relationships. Each print is visually full and meaningfully deep. The layers built upon one another create a literal and psychological complexity.

Image: "Sheep" (monotype)

Arlene has taught the following courses at the New Art Center:

Arlene Bandes

Arlene Bandes

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