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Brent Ridge

Brent Ridge teaches abstraction in different media at NAC. He studied at Michigan State University and the Glasgow School of Art. He has shown his work across the U.S., in the UK, and in Germany. Brent works in a wide range of mediums from oil and acrylic to photography. Though he primarily works to create 2D pieces, he also dabbles in sculpture, and his cut paper work lingers on the line between 2 and 3D. His exploration of the abstract searches to define the part of the painting that describes the surface – the focus of the piece that the viewer (or artist) decides embraces the composition. He uses collage, paper, prints, photography, and sculpture as extensions of painting. Brent’s work can be seen as series that each embody a respective question.

Image: “SissiS” (screenprint ink on fabric)

Brent has taught the following courses at the New Art Center:

Brent Ridge

Brent Ridge

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