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Kristina Goranssen

Kristina Goransson teaches fiber arts at NAC. She moved from Sweden to the U.S. in 1985 and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and in the University of Massachusetts Artisanry Program. She also spent time at the Anderson Ranch Art Center in Colorado and did a residency in the Oregon Collage of Art and Craft. Kristina discovered felting when in graduate school, and it has since then become her primary medium of choice. She uses the softness of the felt combined with its ability to form three dimensional objects to create organic seeming installations. The vibrant colors of the dyed felt and the creeping sense of growth in her work gives the installations a curiosity and the viewer an irresistible urge to touch.

Image: What’s Left Behind (dyed felt)
Kristina  Goranssen

Kristina Goranssen

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