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Cheryl O’Neil

Cheryl O’Neil teaches children’s multimedia at NAC. She studied at Ohio Wesleyan University, has a Clinical Master’s Degree in art therapy, and is a certified art teacher for grades K-12. She has been in multiple exhibitions in the greater Boston area. Cheryl has used her understanding of art as an expressive vehicle to work in art therapy helping psychiatric patients communicate their thoughts and feeling through the process of creation. As an artist, she began working with oil paints and today has transitioned into pastels and photography. Cheryl’s pastel pieces come largely from nature, including a series of animal portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. These pastels explore the beauty of simplicity in ordinary objects. Cheryl’s photography also delves into the elegance of nature with a range of macro floral shots, some architecture, and even a few humorous still life arrangements. Her lens captures the delicate textures and colors of plant life, preserving the fragility of such ephemeral moments. All of her work cradles the modest intricacy of the organic world.Cheryl has been teaching at the New Art Center for over 6 years.

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Cheryl has taught the following courses at the New Art Center:

Cheryl O’Neil

Cheryl O’Neil

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