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Nancy Merrifield

Nancy Merrifield teaches ceramics and mixed media at NAC. She studied at the University of Lowell, and spent a semester in Valladolid, Spain. She also taught at Showa's Women's University as an American Cooking instructor and currently works as a Resident Assistant at Showa Boston. Nancy is affiliated with the Duxbury Art Complex and the Ellison Center for the Arts. She works in a range of mediums, from ceramics to watercolor, and many of her pieces have a quiet playfulness to them. Her work is simple and clean. Unlike many other contemporary artworks, it doesn’t seek to seize the viewer’s attention by means of shock or complexity. Nancy has mastered the powerful tool of creating pieces that are independent of a viewer’s reaction and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Nancy has taught the following courses at the New Art Center:

Nancy Merrifield

Nancy Merrifield

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