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Celebrating 40 Years of NAC!

Reflect on the Past... Focus on the Future

“We are fortunate to start the Center in a building with an historic past and possibilities for an ambitious future. The building will be a true center for people to come together to enjoy and experience the arts. It is meant for everyone and restricted to no one... The ability of the Center to satisfy the cultural needs of our community depends of the response and support of that community.” ~ Co-Founders Beverly Bernson & Judy Chalfen, upon the inception of NAC

It was true kismet that our organization was founded in an old church. Thanks to the dedication of our founders and generations of loyal friends, volunteers, students, faculty, artists, curators, and neighbors this place has become a cherished sanctuary. For 40 years, our community has come together to experience, celebrate, and appreciate art.

The New Art Center is your community art center! NAC provides a myriad of opportunities to connect with art. Your generosity has generated new exhibitions, new students, new staff, and a new accessible studio space. Thank you for supporting freedom of expression, and creative, critical thinking -- values which are paramount to NAC. We want the New Art Center to be the launching pad for people’s engagement and relationship with art. Your contributions help us realize that vision. Your energy, insight, and support are what fuel our growth.

Your gift will directly impact our ability to foster our artists, art educators, and art enthusiasts. With your help, we can keep the arts alive in our community. We are committed to advancing the quality of and access to engaging art education and thought-provoking exhibitions for you, your loved ones, and for everyone in our community.

With the arts at risk in so many places, supporting creative institutions has never been more important. People who share our values -- people like you -- allow the arts to flourish locally. Your donation today will keep our community vibrant, colorful, creative for this, our 40th year, and for decades to come.

Many thanks, and cheers to 40 more years!
The NAC Team

The New Art Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.
Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Remember, contributions totaling $500 or more in one year enrolls you in the Friends of the New Art Center!

The Friends of New Art Center are a group of generous supporters who help NAC thrive. Designation as a Friend of New Art Center is available to anyone contributing $500 or more to NAC in a calendar year. To show our appreciation for their commitment and ongoing support, Friends of New Art Center are invited to participate in special opportunities including guided museum and gallery visits, private tours of artists’ studios and collectors’ homes, exclusive access to art sales and auctions, and other fun social events.

Please consider joining the Friends today.

Think about giving monthly!
$42/mo = $504/yr & Friends Status!

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