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Networks and Intersections: Finding Meaning Through Complexity

Running from January 9, 2006 to February 19, 2006 in the Main Gallery

Curatorial Opportunity Program (COP) Selection

Curated by Esmé Thompson.  Artists include Elizabeth Duffy, Louise Hamlin, Duncan Johnson, and Esmé Thompson.

This exhibition presents the work of four artists who create patterned visual systems-- webs of line, repetition of marks, and woven grids in various media.  Materials employed include wood, metal panels, acrylic and oils, and found materials such as paint chips, gum wrappers, wire mesh, scotch tape, and pencil shavings.  Each artist’s work makes use of iteration to reveal an over-arching form or space.  Meaning is found in these works at the point in which convoluted networks are resolved by the orchestration of design elements into a unifying whole.  The difficulty of organizing perceptual coherence from a multitude of complex stimuli becomes a metaphor for the contemporary experience. 

Esme Thompson

Duncan Johnson

Elizabeth Duffy

Louise Hamlin

Installation View

Installation View

Installation View

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