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Material Meditation

Running from September 15, 2008 to October 26, 2008 in the Main Gallery

Curatorial Opportunity Program (COP) Selection

Curated by Denise Driscoll. Artists include Jodi Colella, Linc Cornell, Denise Driscoll, Michael Frassinelli, Lisa Kellner, and Yuya Shiratori. 

Whether looking through microscopic or macroscopic lenses, the artists of Material Meditation gather, fragment, and reassemble their materials using hundreds or thousands of elements.  Devoted contemplation of the visible and invisible systems of the body, social organization, and the workings of memory are evident in the accumulation of repeated forms.

Lisa Kellner, in Untitled (The Emperor Has No Clothes), considers the construction of the personal façade, what it covers and reveals, as she sews hundreds of hand-dyed silk organza forms that simultaneously cohere and disintegrate. 

Drawing on bodily systems and cellular structures for formal inspiration, Jodi Colella sews and weaves wire, mesh, and other assorted fibers in Undercurrent, an ephemeral piece that will float and breathe on the gallery walls. 

Denise Driscoll’s DNA Blanket (labyrinth) color codes the base-pair sequences from the human genome using thousands of folded paper envelopes and binds them into a labyrinth that will accumulate traces of those who walk its fragile path. 

In an ongoing series, Michael Frassinelli uses deconstructed pianos to create artifacts from the mythical Pianista culture. Frassinelli’s Pianista Observatory combines constellation-like forms into a soaring structure that offers a place to sit and contemplate the universe. 

In Beach Knots, Linc Cornell weaves the discarded fisherman’s knots he has gathered to climb up the walls and flow over the stage of the gallery. His individual photographs of these same knots are equally reminiscent of portraiture and Rorschach inkblot tests.

Yuya Shiratori contemplates his connections to others and to the physical world as he transforms weighty bicycle inner tubes into a habitable nest of delicate shimmering lace in this latest version of RE:, his ongoing recycling project.

Denise Driscoll

Michael Frassinelli

Lisa Kellner

Yuya Shiratori

Linc Cornell

Jodi Colella

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