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Opening Lines

Running from January 12, 2009 to February 22, 2009 in the Main Gallery

Curatortial Opportunity Program (COP) Selection

Curated by Susan Goldwitz. Artists include Michael Beatty, John Bisbee, Catherine Carter, Christine Hiebert, Masako Kamiya, Sol LeWitt, Anne Lilly, Agnes Martin, David Moore, Jennifer Perry, Tina ManWarren Roche-Kelly, Richard Serra, and Jill Weber.

The works selected for this exhibition explore the fundamental form, purpose, direction, character, and meaning of line.  Line can be solid or fragmented, expansive or contractive, displayed in two dimensions or three.  The artists explore these qualities of line and more through diverse materials including paint, wood, steel, fiber, iron nails, painters’ tape, paper clips, even hair.

Michael Beatty’s graceful sculptures are initially informed by the relationship between geometry and nature. In his work, line is a moving loop, a still and yet open knot of thought.  Catherine Carter’s and David Moore’s work describe other-worldly yet serene penmanship, exhibiting layers upon layers of almost floating marks that drift, fly, and sink.  Masako Kamiya and Agnes Martin create a meditative mood of tranquility and spirituality through different means.  Kamiya displays line from an unusual and confounding direction with each “dot” as one end of a line, while Martin uses lines and grids to sparely organize and order, and then to travel beyond that order.  John Bisbee employs the bright common nail or spike to create his marks.  Lines are created through connecting the nails, and he explores what lines can do when squared or cubed. Sol LeWitt’s work connects architecture and fine art through the utilization of basic geometric shapes.  His work in this exhibition shows an expanse of color and motion, expressed through the energy of his lines. Richard Serra’s work in the exhibit is an etching: a tall, thick, and powerful black stroke.  Anne Lilly, using simple mechanical elements, creates geometric shapes that shift through space to create transcendent configurations.  Jennifer Perry’s drawings use hair to create complex and three dimensional forms with an architectural presence.  Christine Hiebert’s drawings created from painter’s tape create illusions of expansive, contracted, and contemplative space.  Tina ManWarren Roche-Kelly, uses “simple” everyday materials to construct three dimensional objects which can be inhabited and experienced.  In one installation, found wood pieces are joined and arranged into a seemingly unbalanced and tenuous shelter through which viewers can walk.  Inspired by skylights, architecture and light, Jill Weber’s  canvasses use geometry and edge to create two dimensional planes that invoke constructions, surveyor’s marks, or shafts of colored light. 

Sol LeWitt

John Bisbee

Catherine Carter

Michael Beatty

Masako Kamiya

Jennifer Perry

Tina ManWarren Roche-Kelly

Jill Weber

Anne Lilly

Richard Serra

Christine Hiebert

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