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Flash of an Instant

Running from April 5, 2014 to May 9, 2014 in the Main Gallery

A Curatorial Opportunity Program exhibition curated by Sarah Pollman and Caitlin Moore.

Flash of an Instant brings together work by nine artists to question photography’s ability to accurately document our experience of the world.Thelandscapes we live in seem stable, despite their constant flux. Likewise, photography has long been heralded as a static truth with a monocular vision of the world. But when fractured and subverted, multiple truths and parallel visions arise that make us reassess what we think we know.

John Steck Jr.’s photographs fade slowly, destroyed by the light that illuminates them. Still lifes by Robin Myers conflate the micro and the macro while Mark Dorf’s images chart and graph the land. Sam A. Harris re-thinks reality in surreal photographic documents and Sharon Harper explores physical and phenomenological attempts at looking at the sky. Kinetic sculptures by Anne Lilly mark and change the space they occupy through movement. Hidden paintings by John C. Gonzalez and Thomas Willis force viewers to search the gallery for traces of the artists' hands while an interactive installation by Pablo Gnecco asks the viewer to question one’s physical location.

When the unified truths of existence converge with the abstracted experiences these artworks provide, a space is created for new meanings to arise. Our own temporalities are affirmed: we are subject to disintegration and decay akin to the land we occupy. By experiencing these works of art -- photographic, sculptural and interactive- we are allowed, just for an instant, to see the world anew.

Mark Dorf

Pablo Gnecco

John C. Gonzalez/Thomas Willis

Sharon Harper

Sam A. Harris

Anne Lilly

Robin Myers

John Steck Jr.

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

Image Credit: Caitie Moore

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