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Ben Jundanian: "All Roads Lead Home"

Running from February 2, 2016 to February 27, 2016 in the Holzwasser Gallery

Closing Reception: February 26, 6-8PM

Join artist Ben Jundanian in the studio as he creates an intricate wall drawing using only a marker. Visitors of all ages are invited to learn about his drawing techniques and the visual language he has developed as they assist in the creation of this gigantic illustration.

This project is presented as part of the New Art Center's 2016 artist-in-residence program. through this program, two artists will activate the Holzwasser Gallery through two large-scale, interactive mural projects that invite visitors of all ages to participate. These projects explore the relationship between resident artists and their collaborators while pushing the boundaries of what is considered a mural.

Ben Jundanian presents All Roads Lead Home. In this collaborative mural project, Jundanian uses his unique visual language to engage with the aesthetics and iconography of maps. His intricate and expansive wall drawing, created using only markers, provide opportunities for audiences of all ages and abilities to contribute meaningfully to the finished work. This gigantic and highly developed doodle, with characters and narratives that continue to unfold the longer you look, offers bustling roads, highways, bike paths, railroads and waterways that converge on a point in the center of the wall, an indicator of home. As Jundanian describes, “This has a special meaning for me, as I've been essentially homeless the last four months, living in the back of my truck and driving around the country on the road trip of a lifetime! To me, no matter where I’m heading, I'm still on the road back home.”

Ben Jundanian is an illustrator based out of Boston, Massachusetts. A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design's Printmaking program, my work now focuses primarily on illustration. My work ranges in size from small, intensely detailed works on paper, to large wall murals. As a child I was fascinated with the "Where's Waldo" and "Incredible Cross Section" books, which draw the reader into each and every page, mentally shrinking you down until you can almost see yourself walking among the tiny buildings. I seek to draw my viewers into that same sense of smallness, letting them wander the streets and villages I create and lose themselves in the small details.

Ben Jundanian working on mural project "All Roads Lead Home"

Ben Jundanian working on mural project "All Roads Lead Home"

Ben Jundanian working on mural project "All Roads Lead Home" with collaborators

Ben Jundanian working on mural project "All Roads Lead Home" with collaborators

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